Annotate binary waveforms

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I'd like to annotate binary waveforms like you can do for robust and compact by putting text after the colon.

It is not a syntax error to put a colon and a message after specifying the value of binary data, but it doesn't show up. The same syntax actually does something for robust and concise:

binary "Binary Serial Data" as D
robust "Robust" as R
concise "Concise" as C

D is low: idle
R is lo: idle
C is 1:idle
D is high: start
R is hi: start
C is 0:start

D is low: 1 lsb
R is lo: 1 lsb
C is 1:lsb

D is high: 0
R is hi: 0
C is 0

D is low: 1
R is lo: 1
C is 1

D is high: 0 msb
R is hi: 0 msb
C is 0: msb

D is low: stop
R is lo: stop
C is 1: stop

@0 <-> @8 : Serial data bits for ASCII "A" (Little Endian)


I've been using robust as a workaround, but it has limitations (for example, always starting low)

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