Walk clock days in Gantt Chart

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asked Apr 16, 2022 in Question / help by Johnny

I have a Gantt chart where some tasks can only be executed on business days, and others are just walk clock days.  For example, it takes 4 business days to write and submit a report, but the response from our vendor could take up to 30 wall-clock days.  Is there a way to mark a task as wall-clock days, or exempt from closed days or something?

1 Answer

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answered Apr 18, 2022 by Johnny

I've been playing with it, and I found one possible workaround:

  1. Don't mark days as closed
  2. Create a {team} resource
  3. {team} is off on sunday
  4. {team} is off on saturday
  5. Assign {team} to any task that takes business days

Works well enough for me for right now.