Provide all dates in a file (e.g csv) after gantt chart generation

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asked Feb 8 in Question / help by sebastian

After creating my gantt chart I want to have an extract of all used und calculated dates so that I can use them in a table calculation tool.

I'm using the java cli. Is there any flag? I found nothing after checking the docu

There not all dates are given in absolute values (like:.starts at [Milestones]'s end and requires 5 days) I want to have a simple way to have them listed as absolute/calculated dates.



commented Feb 28 by sebastian

The easiest approach for me was tu use: 


thx @chris also for the !log hint

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answered Feb 13 by chris (2,580 points)

Plantuml is really a rendering tool. I would suggest doing it the other way around and pushing dates into the tool. However, there is log function which will print output when the diagram is rendered, so you could use that, but to generate a clean CSV you would need to cleanup the output. One easy way might be to use a prefix (to filter on)

!log _CSVDATA_This data is then csv with variables like a $date

You might need to play around with the syntax when using data like quotes or slashes etc
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Thanks for the hint. Will try.

At least it is an approach.