Is it possible to control display of time access in timing diagram

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asked Apr 27, 2022 in Question / help by Kevin
I wrote a timing diagram where the units are microseconds.  The diagram runs over 10 ms so from 0 to 10000.  The png looks good but the timing axis shows tick marks ever 1 unit (so in this case 10000 tick marks) so that it just appears like a solid thick black line.  I would like to over ride this so that it displays a tick mark once every 100 units or once every 1000 units for example.

I looked on-line and through the forums but I haven't seen any way to control the time axis.  I also investigated just dividing my timing by 1000 to achieve something similar but this caused some issues were certain signals don't appear anymore even though the relative scale in the PNG stayed the same.

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