Is it possible to show parallel time constraints on top of each other in timing diagrams?

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asked Nov 12, 2019 in Question / help by Wes

I'm trying to show a diagram that is composed of several small tasks that each have their own duration. On top of the bars showing the tasks I'd like to show cumulative time constraints so that the restictions have the same starting point but different ending point. Is this possible (at least haven't been able to find instructions how to do that)? I've only been able to add either one time constraint over the series of the smaller tasks or put the time constraints sequentially for each task but not in a cumulative way in parallel like shown below.

{-------------- Total duration 100 sec A+B+C ------------}
{--------- Task A+B duration 70 sec ---------}
{-- Task A duration 30 sec --}
<**********Task A************><****Task B****><**Task C**>

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