colors on concise timeline in timing diagram don't respect line color

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asked Oct 19, 2022 in Bug by Bas
edited Oct 19, 2022

I'm creating a timing diagram, and I have set some participants to an initial state. I want to color the initial states of these participants but the diagram ignores my line color (it does use the defined fill color). Also, if an activity follows an initial state, the initial state inherits the line color of the following activity

example ( I want the initial states to have blue outline)


concise "Josine" as jos

concise "Bas" as bas

concise "Sydney" as syd

concise "Jochem" as joc

concise "Eveline" as eveline

bas is werken #LightCyan;line:Blue

syd is school #LightCyan;line:Red

joc is school #LightCyan;line:Blue

eveline is school #LightCyan;line:Blue


13:30:00 is bezoekuur #LightPink;line:DarkRed

16:00:00 is {hidden}

18:00:00 is bezoekuur #LightPink;line:DarkRed

20:00:00 is {hiddenadsfadsf


16:00:00 is thuis #lightpink;line:red


16:00:00 is {hidden}

18:00:00 is paardrijden

19:30:00 is "bosrand"

20:00:00  is {hidden}


15:30:00 is {hidden}

17:30:00 is "naar Nuenen"

18:00:00 is basketbal

21:00:00 is thuis #LimeGreen;line:DarkGreen


15:30:00 is {hidden}

19:00:00 is Hairbal

22:00:00 is "reizen"

22:30:00 is thuis #LimeGreen;line:DarkGreen


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answered Oct 20, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Thanks for the feedback.

This should be fixed in last snapshot.

Tell us if you find other issues!