plantuml-1.2022.5.jar: utf-8 encoding fails in embedded diagram on Windows 10

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asked May 12, 2022 in Bug by boshka (3,960 points)
edited May 12, 2022 by boshka

Please generate svg for the following code on Windows using:

java -jar plantuml-1.2022.5.jar file.puml -verbose -charset UTF-8 -tsvg

where file.puml is as follows:


a->b: hello/привет

note right


c->d: hello/привет


end note


You'll get the following diagram (note that the encoding in the embedded part is broken):


1. If you use plantuml.1.2021.12.jar, then the encoding will be ok.

2. If you use Linux the encoding will be OK both for the plantuml.1.2021.12.jar and plantuml-1.2022.5.jar

3. It also works fine on plantuml server:

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