Arrow direction confusing or wrong

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asked Jun 13, 2022 in Question / help by Stalkarn (120 points)


First, I apologize for the ugly image, but my diagram is on a computer with no internet.

I'm trying to make a diagram that looks like this:

With the exact code as in the picture above.

But my result is this. The arrows is diagonal and Right is to the Left and Left is Up to the Left et.c.

I'm using plantuml 1.2022.3 with graphviz 2.30.1.

All examples I have seen and the test I did here on PlantUML server looks correct, and I haven't seen anyone else with this problem.

Any ideas what why I get this result? Old graphviz? 

I can't download and try as my company doesn't allow it.

commented Jun 13, 2022 by The-Lu (67,040 points)

Hello S.,

  • Could you test without `graphviz`?

with adding:

!pragma layout smetana

See doc. here:

If that can help,

commented Jun 13, 2022 by Martin (8,360 points)

You could try drawing this Graphviz version of the diagram and see if the issue persists:

digraph unix {
sh0007 [shape=rect,label="Left",width=0.888889,height=0.661241,color="#000007"];
sh0005 [shape=rect,label="Up",width=0.791667,height=0.661241,color="#000005"];
sh0004 [shape=rect,label="A",width=0.680556,height=0.661241,color="#000004"];
sh0006 [shape=rect,label="Down",width=1.041667,height=0.661241,color="#000006"];
sh0008 [shape=rect,label="Right",width=1.013889,height=0.661241,color="#000008"];

AFAIK Plantuml will pass it straight thru to Graphviz.  Alternatively you could process it through Graphviz without Plantuml.

commented Jun 14, 2022 by Stalkarn (120 points)

I tried both of the suggestions and...... wait for it ...... it worked! That's perfect because that means I can make sure to get a newer (I assume) version of graphviz, as well as use smetana in the meantime.

Thanks to you both!

Regards David

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