Links don't appear to allow - characters in definitions

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asked Jul 6, 2022 in Bug by anonymous
I need to include links in a diagram that have - (minus) characters in the name of the reference.  Including the - generates a syntax error.  There doesn't appear to be any means of escaping the character, and the parser should allow for better identification of the link characteristics to allow them to be used, or a description strategy should be available that allows the internal name to be different to the value that is displayed (ie property1 is the internal name, whilst property-1 is the value shown on the diagram.

The following diagram generates a syntax error when attempting to evaluate the link references.

skinparam linetype ortho
class destination1  {
   property-1 : string
   property-3 : datetime
class source1 {
   property-1 : string
   property-2 : integer
   property-3 : datetime
class destination2 {
   property-2 : integer
source1::property-1 <--> destination1::property-1
source1::property-3 <--> destination1::property-3
source1::property-2 <--> destination2::property-2

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