How to handle multiplicative scale factor for arrowheads ? (arrowsize property in GRAPHVIZ )

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In graphiz, we have the arrowsize attribute that handles the multiplicative scale factor for arrowheads.


How could we handle that in plantuml ?

Nothing really interesting in the forum.

In the skinparam documentation we only have : 

  • ArrowColor
  • ArrowFontColor
  • ArrowFontName
  • ArrowFontSize
  • ArrowFontStyle
  • ArrowLollipopColor
  • ArrowMessageAlignment
  • ArrowThickness



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answered Jul 11 by The-Lu (49,840 points)

Hello K.,

Could you test `Line thickness`, as:

title Bracketed line thickness
class foo
class bar
bar1 : [thickness=1]
bar2 : [thickness=2]
bar3 : [thickness=4]
bar4 : [thickness=8]
bar5 : [thickness=16]

foo --> bar                 : ∅
foo -[thickness=1]-> bar1   : [1]
foo -[thickness=2]-> bar2   : [2]
foo -[thickness=4]-> bar3   : [4]
foo -[thickness=8]-> bar4   : [8]
foo -[thickness=16]-> bar5  : [16]


See also doc. on:

  • Class
  • Or Deployment doc. page.


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Thanks for you suggestion. 

The thickness property just impact the thickness of the whole line.

The arrowsize edge attribute of graphviz  impact the scale of the head....which is not the same thing.

you can see the difference between plantuml thickness property and graphviz arrowsize property



commented Jul 11 by The-Lu (49,840 points)

OK, I see the difference...

Then that is a new wanted feature for PlantUML team...


commented Jul 11 by kasra (560 points)
Should I open an issue on the Github repo ?
commented Jul 12 by The-Lu (49,840 points)

Hello K.,

As you want?
Perhaps other people needs or can propose a PR for that...