For Gantt, is it possible to override closed days for selected tasks?

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asked Aug 16, 2022 in Wanted features by Peter M
Using Gantt (which is wonderful like everything else in PlantUML)

Some tasks may be active over a weekend, e.g. a trade show, while most tasks should respect our weekend off.

Right now the saturday, sunday are closed makes a weekend tradeshow start the following Monday

It would be nice if days can be closed, then opened for a task(s) then closed again.

Or be able to specify a task ignores closed days.

Is this something I missed in the Language Reference, or if not this would be a feature request.

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answered Aug 17, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Good suggestion!

With last snapshot, you can now have this.

2020-07-07 to 2020-07-17 are closed
2020-07-13 is open

2020-07-14 is open for [Prototype design] 
2020-07-2 to 2020-07-4 are closed for [Prototype design] 

Project starts the 2020-07-01
[Prototype design] lasts 10 days
Then [Test prototype] lasts 10 days

[Foo] lasts 10 days


Are you expecting something like this?

We did not implement it for weekday but we can if this is useful for you.

commented Aug 17, 2022 by PeterM (100 points)
Exactly what I was hoping for.

And implemented so fast! ... I never experienced such wonderful service before. Wow.
commented Oct 25, 2022 by anonymous
Is there a way to style the days closed for a given task? I am using this feature with default theme but the closed days are displayed as transparent in the task line, and I couldn't figure out a way to style it - tried closed { BackgroundColor... } but it doesn't seem to affect the closed days for a task, only the global closed days.

Either that or a way to style days off ("{foo} is off on ...}") for tasks assigned to a given resource.

Would also work if there is a way to style tasks paused ("[bar] is paused ...")