applying 'skin rose' to plantuml server

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asked Sep 7 in Question / help by jooncheol (120 points)

I'm trying to find the way to keep the old color scheme with the latest plantuml jar release.

I saw that the change log on 16th Feb 2022 that we can keep the old color by adding 'skin rose'.

It seems that I need to add 'skin rose' to all plantuml diagrams I had before. As all my uml diagrams are rendered by using plantuml server instance with -picoweb option in my local environment. I tried to find a way to add this magic line for server instance globally by adding some command line parameter. but it doesn't seem to have the way. -D is for variable definition, -S for skinparam key=value.

Is there any good way to apply "skin 'rose" in the latest plantuml server instance globally for all renderings?

Thanks in advance!

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