How to hide (style) edges produced by "extends" or" implements" statement ?

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asked Oct 25, 2022 in Bug by kasra (1,040 points)


When we use the keywords extends or implements, an edge is automaticcaly produced.

Let's say we would like to change the layout and make the edge longer...


'skinparam linetype ortho

title  %version()

class  A extends B

A ----|> B



It seems We can't reference the edge produced automatically.

How to Hide ( we can even say, how to style... ) the edge produce by  :  class  A extends B.

The only solution that I found so far is to NOT specify the extends or implements parts and just use the edge with   A ----|> B.

My understanding is that we can't style the edge produced automatically, Is that correct ?

Do you have any better solution ?


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