How can I draw a sample line with a style within a table cell?

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asked Nov 11, 2022 in Question / help by boshka (3,820 points)
edited Nov 11, 2022 by boshka
I'd like to have a legend (or a note) with a table, describing all the styled lines in a diagram.

so, I'd want something like:


!$style1 = "#red,dashed"

!$style2 = "#blue,dotted"



| Line Style | Description |

| -[$style1]-> | Scenario 1 |

| -[$style2]-> | Scenario 2 |



the Line Style column should have to display visually the lines with their styles applied.

So, I'd like to see it something like this (this snippet is just a visualization, demoing what I'd like to achieve within the cells):

Note, that I do have to use the $style1 and $style2 within the legend (cannot put just <color:#red>--></color>, etc., for example) since the styles come from an external configuration.

Is there a way to achieve this?
commented Nov 14, 2022 by The-Lu (60,200 points)

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