The stdlib awslib example on is displayed incorrectly.

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asked Dec 5, 2022 in Bug by wfouche (120 points)

awslib was recently upgraded to v14 (awslib14) - - which broke backwards compatibiliy with previous releases.

A workaround is to change the diagram to only use awslib14 functionality:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #

@startuml Basic Usage - AWS IoT Rules Engine

!include <awslib/AWSCommon>
!include <awslib/InternetOfThings/IoTRule>
!include <awslib/Analytics/KinesisDataStreams>
!include <awslib/ApplicationIntegration/SimpleQueueService>

left to right direction

agent "Published Event" as event #fff

IoTRule(iotRule, "Action Error Rule", "error if Kinesis fails")
KinesisDataStreams(eventStream, "IoT Events", "2 shards")
SimpleQueueService(errorQueue, "Rule Error Queue", "failed Rule actions")

event --> iotRule : JSON message
iotRule --> eventStream : messages
iotRule --> errorQueue : Failed action message


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