Is it possible to have different shapes for notes

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asked Apr 2, 2014 in Wanted features by mina (180 points)

I wanted a feature to be added to the MSD syntax to support different shapes for notes for example:

eliptical shape and rectangle shape and to be used as below syntax

eleiptical note over A: the shape should be eliptical

rectangle note over A: the shape should be rectangle


This feature needed to have some flexability to the user to have for example state to be presented on MSD also to have some activities running ans so on


I think it will be great to have such features.
commented Apr 7, 2014 by rmric (2,140 points)
This would be a nice feature indeed. I would vote for a "rounded" note for states in sequence diagram (akin to wsd).
commented Apr 10, 2014 by anonymous
Actually, these would not be "notes", but different kind of boxes.
MscGen supports such boxes.

BR, Stephan.
commented Apr 10, 2014 by plantuml (295,000 points)
Note that you can use

caller -> server : conReq
hnote over caller : idle
caller <- server : conConf
hnote over caller : connected
note over server : connected
rnote over server
 this is
 on several
hnote over caller
 this is
 on several


Rounded note is not yet possible.
The main problem is that we have a keyword clash here, because rnode node is used for "rectangle note".
So suggestions for syntax is welcome...

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answered Aug 17, 2014 by anonymous
Yes, definitely +1 for this request.  I'm currently using hnote as a way to capture states in sequence diagrams. If a more specific state statement could be introduced, even better. But at least, having various shapes for notes is very useful.