Anchors and Duration bad positioning

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asked Jun 8, 2023 in Bug by Ilias (180 points)

Seems like there should be a way to control the horizontal position of duration. In the example below the text is overlapping rendering the duration functionality pointless

!pragma teoz true
{t1} Bob -> Alice:
rnote over Alice: Some note
{t2} Alice -> Wall:
{t1} <-> {t2}: Duration

It would be helpful if it was possible to define the horizontal position of the  "{t1} <-> {t2}: Duration" and even place it before the first and after last participant 

commented Jun 9, 2023 by The-Lu (67,000 points)

Hi I., and all,

Awaiting, a new command like `duration on left` or `duration on right` (a pragma, a command, ... I don't know...), You can add some space....

!pragma teoz true
{t1} Bob -> Alice: long long long long label
rnote left Alice: Some note\nleft to Alice
{t2} Alice -> Wall: long long long long label
{t1} <-> {t2}: Duration


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