How to get the default style provided by earlier versions of planUML?

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asked Aug 15 in Question / help by David

How to get the default image stored at the online plantUML serverstyle (including its color schema) that has been used by earlier versions?  You may see many examples of such a style in the PDF Guide.

I am asking, because plantuml.1.2023.7.jar is not capable to apply the former default style.  For example (see the attached image), I had to inject the following style (see below) in order to achieve  some resemblance to the former default style.  Compare this approach (and effort) with plantuml.1.2019.6.jar, where the default style was applied without the need to inject any extra code.

  • Is there an easier way to achieve resemblance to the former default style?
  • What do you do to achieve resemblance to the former default style?
skinparam useBetaStyle true
    activityDiagram {
        shadowing 3.0
        activity {
            lineColor FireBrick
            lineThickness 1.8
            backgroundColor Business
        note {
            lineColor FireBrick
            lineThickness 1.1
            backgroundColor Yellow
        arrow {
            lineColor FireBrick
            lineThickness 1.6
        circle {
            stop {
                backgroundColor White

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answered Aug 15 by Serge Wenger Work (15,520 points)
edited Aug 24 by Serge Wenger Work


As described here, Start your diagram with

skin rose

Hope this helps

commented Aug 15 by David
That is en excellent solution: it worked for me without any side affect.

Thank you for saving the day.