Is it possible to add links in a Gantt diagram which are not dependency constraints?

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asked Jan 15 in Question / help by Dominique Ernadote

Gantt charts are displaying tasks in a calendar. Starting from this assumption, dependency between tasks are solved by plantUML so to show the tasks at their minimal starting points.

They are multiple other situations where Gantt-like diagrams are useful. For example, to show the availability of some IT resources mixed with a roadmap of the capability needs dependent on those resources. In that case, we do not expect to solve the date problem but simply to visualize the two-level roadmaps and probably show in red some confilcts.

That means we expect to declare links between the periods of time (this is not task there) which are not time-dependency constraints.

My question is then, is it possibe to draw such links which will link the periods of time but not deduce minimal starting dates except the ones defined for the periods?
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Could you post a small example of what you want?

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answered Jan 16 by anonymous

Consider this example

PlantUML diagram

But I want "Write Tests" starts the 7th day.

I want to see the link even if the start date is before the end of "Prototype design".

The goal is to show a problem in my planning, not to solve it.