Running into an error for the first time using PlantUML

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First time user, running into this error? 

error message

@startuml FsLogix, VMware, and Data Centers with Curved Lines
!define RECTANGLE class
!define DATABASE class
!define CLOUD class
!define PACKAGE class

' Define data centers
CLOUD "2MTC Data Center" {
    RECTANGLE VDI_Environment_2MTC {
        RECTANGLE "VMware Horizon View\n(VDI Platform)" as HorizonView2MTC
        DATABASE "VMware App Volumes\n(Application Delivery)" as AppVolumes2MTC
        RECTANGLE "VMware DEM\n(User Environment Management)" as DEM2MTC
        RECTANGLE "Cloud Cache\n(Multi-location Storage)" as CloudCache2MTC
        RECTANGLE "File Storage\n(SMB Protocol)" as Storage2MTC
        RECTANGLE "Active Directory\n(LDAP & Kerberos)" as AD2MTC

CLOUD "NJDC Data Center" {
    RECTANGLE VDI_Environment_NJDC {
        RECTANGLE "VMware Horizon View\n(VDI Platform)" as HorizonViewNJDC
        DATABASE "VMware App Volumes\n(Application Delivery)" as AppVolumesNJDC
        RECTANGLE "VMware DEM\n(User Environment Management)" as DEMNJDC
        RECTANGLE "Cloud Cache\n(Multi-location Storage)" as CloudCacheNJDC
        RECTANGLE "File Storage\n(SMB Protocol)" as StorageNJDC
        RECTANGLE "Active Directory\n(LDAP & Kerberos)" as ADNJDC

' Define FsLogix Components
RECTANGLE "FsLogix Components" {
    RECTANGLE "Profile Containers\n(VHD/X)" as ProfileContainers
    RECTANGLE "Office 365 Containers\n(VHD/X for O365 data)" as Office365Containers
    RECTANGLE "Application Masking\n(Policy-based)" as AppMasking
    RECTANGLE "Java Version Control\n(Version-specific policies)" as JavaVC

' Simulating curved connections
HorizonView2MTC -[down left]-> ProfileContainers : "Attaches user profiles\nvia Cloud Cache"
HorizonViewNJDC -[down right]-> ProfileContainers : "Attaches user profiles\nvia Cloud Cache"
ProfileContainers -[up right]-> CloudCache2MTC : "Cached profiles\nSMB/NFS/Cloud"
ProfileContainers -[up left]-> CloudCacheNJDC : "Cached profiles\nSMB/NFS/Cloud"
Office365Containers -[up right]-> CloudCache2MTC : "Cached O365 data\nSMB/NFS/Cloud"
Office365Containers -[up left]-> CloudCacheNJDC : "Cached O365 data\nSMB/NFS/Cloud"

AD2MTC -[down left]-> HorizonView2MTC : "Authenticates users\nLDAP (Port 389)\nKerberos (Port 88)"
ADNJDC -[down right]-> HorizonViewNJDC : "Authenticates users\nLDAP (Port 389)\nKerberos (Port 88)"
AD2MTC -[left]-> ProfileContainers : "Applies policies\nLDAP (Port 389)"
ADNJDC -[right]-> ProfileContainers : "Applies policies\nLDAP (Port 389)"

CloudCache2MTC -[left]-> Storage2MTC : "Primary & Backup storage\nSMB/NFS/Cloud"
CloudCacheNJDC -[right]-> StorageNJDC : "Primary & Backup storage\nSMB/NFS/Cloud"

' Load Balancers with curved lines
PACKAGE "Load Balancer" as LB {
    [LB for Horizon View] -[hidden]- [LB for App Volumes]
    [LB for App Volumes] -[hidden]- [LB for DEM]

[LB for Horizon View] -[left]-> HorizonView2MTC
[LB for Horizon View] -[right]-> HorizonViewNJDC
[LB for App Volumes] -[left]-> AppVolumes2MTC
[LB for App Volumes] -[right]-> AppVolumesNJDC
[LB for DEM] -[left]-> DEM2MTC
[LB for DEM] -[right]-> DEMNJDC


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answered Feb 5 by Serge Wenger Work (15,620 points)


Class diagram is not the right one. I think it is more a component diagram. Click on diagram to show the code