output pin in state diagram is not placing corectly

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asked Feb 7 in Bug by Charan

This is my code and I attached below svg output I got

state A {

state entry1 <<inputPin>>
state entry2 <<inputPin>>
state entry3 <<inputPin>>
  state X {
       state entry4 <<inputPin>>
       state entry5 <<inputPin>>
       state entry18 <<outputPin>>
       state entry19 <<outputPin>>
  state Y {
      state entry6 <<inputPin>>
      state entry7 <<inputPin>>
      state entry20 <<outputPin>>
  state z {
      state entry8 <<inputPin>>
      state entry9 <<inputPin>>
      state entry21 <<outputPin>>
  state a {
      state entry10 <<inputPin>>
      state entry11 <<inputPin>>
      state entry22 <<outputPin>>
  state b {
      state entry12 <<inputPin>>
      state entry13 <<inputPin>>
      state entry23 <<outputPin>>
  state c {
      state entry14 <<inputPin>>
      state entry15 <<inputPin>>
      state entry24 <<outputPin>>
  state d {
      state entry16 <<inputPin>>
      state entry17 <<inputPin>>
      state entry25 <<outputPin>>

state entry26 <<outputPin>>
state entry27 <<outputPin>>
state entry28 <<outputPin>>
state entry29 <<outputPin>>
state entry30 <<outputPin>>



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