[BUG] Only one transition permitted to State[H] in state diagram

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asked Sep 28 in Bug by anonymous
State diagrams only permit one transition to a given state using the StateIdentifier[H] syntax.  The limitation to target the history pseudo-state does not exist if a more verbose <<history>> alias is defined within the target state and the state transitions are placed (1) after the target state definition and (2) target the history alias.
[*] --> Foo
Foo --> Bar : Ev1
Foo --> a[H] : Ev2
Bar --> a[H] : Ev3
The following much more verbose syntax does permit multiple transitions to the history state


state a {
   state history as "History" <<history>>
[*] --> Foo
Foo --> Bar : Ev1
Foo --> history : Ev2
Bar --> history : Ev3


The downside to this method is that the state with history must be defined before the transitions to the history alias

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