Issue to copy text from generated svg (salt in activity diagram)

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asked Apr 5 in Question / help by kenjiuno (140 points)

I'm designing UI with Salt + activity diagram by plantuml.

I think this is very useful usage about Include Salt "on activity diagram" at

But I have a technical difficulty on dealing with output data.

Plantuml can export figures with SVG file format.

This is very useful too.

But, if I open the generated SVG with Inkscape, the embedded salt figures look like rasterized.

This troubles me when I want to reuse the generated SVG document.
For example, copy the text of some UI parts.

So, I have posted this issue at Inkscape.

Now I felt that this is not easy issue to solve.

I have tried the following command line tools, but none of them worked to achieve workaround.

- scour, svgo, svgcleaner (posted at stackexchange)

Is there known workaround to deal with this issue?

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