SVG Text is splitted

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asked Jun 15 in Question / help by NOTACINCO
When I download the SVG file and open it in a program, the text of an element is all separated. To make my work easier, I need it to be aggregated in a single checkbox, so I can edit it easily.

Example text:

The chicken is at home.

How are you:

(A) (chicken) (is) (at) (home.)

The parentheses represent text isolation via SVG code.

Does anyone know how to adjust this?
commented Jun 28 by kirchsth (6,240 points)


it could be related to the the forum issue svg exports of diagrams with maxMessageSize/wrapWidth have spacing issues and there it is related that it has a defined wrapWidth or maxMessageSize.
Maybe you can fix it with following lines (or similar)

skinparam maxMessageSize 0
skinparam wrapWidth 0

BR Helmut

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