Individual style of elements with from same type

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Dear PlantUML community,

I observed that the styling <style> </style> has changed.

When rendering *.puml looks different now. For me in a bad way, that´s why I reach out to you, asking for have it looking in the old way. (screenshot below)

I´m pinpointing to sequence diagram individual style of the same entity type e.g. a "participant". This is still possible but in the element itself the name of the style is printed, which I don´t want so see.


How to get rid of the <<myStyle>> in the rendered diagram?

Thanks much in advance


skinparam useBetaStyle true
' style enclosure declaration
    ' scope to sequenceDiagram elements
    sequenceDiagram {

      ' scope to actor element types
      actor {
        FontColor Blue

     ' define a new style, using CSS class syntax
     .myStyle {
        FontColor Red


' printed in blue
actor Bob
' this will now be printed in Red
actor Sally <<myStyle>>

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answered Apr 26 by kirchsth (5,860 points)
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In sequence diagram you can hide all stereotypes with "hide stereotype"

BR Helmut

PS.: see also Hide sterotype on sequence diagram · Issue #58 · plantuml/plantuml (

commented Apr 28 by Andy (180 points)
Hello Helmut,

you helped me out. Thanks much for your expertise

Best regards Andreas