Class Diagram: why "bold" and "thickness" for link are not shown as mixed?

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I'm learning reference guide 3.35 "Bracketed Relations Style", for the "mix" part, all of the sample are working fine except the "Bold" + "Thickness".

See below code:

class foo
class bar1
class bar2
class bar3
class bar4

foo -[bold]-> bar1 : [bold]
foo -[thickness=8]-> bar2 : [Thickness=8]
foo -[bold,thickness=8]-> bar3 : [Bold and Thickness=8]\nwhy this is not mixed?
foo -[dashed,thickness=8]-> bar4 : [Dashed and Thickness=8]\nOK

In online server:​, I assume the third link should be both [Bold] and [Thickness=8], but the result is the link restore to normal thickness.

Any hints on where I did wrong? I put the #4 link as comparison.

Thanks, Xiaoqi

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answered Jun 16 by kirchsth
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Hallo Xiaoqi,

Bold is a short version of Thickness=2 and plantuml uses the higher value.
You can combine it with Thickness=0 and see the differences.

BR Helmut
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Got it, thanks for clarification