Idea of improvement of WORD plugin

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asked Jun 4, 2014 in Wanted features by pacheco (380 points)


I have an idea of improvement of the word plugin. However I know nothing about VB or how to integrate it in Office/Word.

Current plugin approach (in my opinion) has a big flaw:

  • You need to have the plug in installed to abe able to hide the "plantuml code"

This should be always hidden until for example we double click the image -- like a special editable object...

So my suggestion would be:

(in reverse order might be easier to understand)

2) Save the plantuml code in the alternate text of the image, and when changing it, the plugin could generate a new image from it

1) To create the first image, it could be similar as it is now:

  • write a bit of a plantuml-codelet that should be detected in the document and converted to an image
  • however this time, move the code detected to the alt-text of the image

3) the "re-generate button" could work based on selected image (or on all - for updating all of them), by reading the alt-text, generating a new image, replace current on and insert in it the plantuml code again


With this approach the word document would be always clean and pretty regardless of having or not the plugin installed. (this gives flexibility for the ones that actually need to create the documents with diagrams, while giving a clean look to the one only interested in reading the docuemnt) wink


I hope someone is interested in the idea


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