State Chart Rendering broken?

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asked Feb 8, 2013 in Bug by anonymous
retagged Feb 21, 2013 by plantuml

We are trying to render a state machine diagram with plantUML. Here is the plant UML code:



[*] -> S1
S1 -> S2 : event
state S2{
  [*] -> S2_initial
  S2_initial  -> S3 : event
S3 -> S1 : event
S3 -> S2 : event
When we render this at it looks perfectly fine. If we render it on the local
machine, we get the attached image, which is obviously broken. You can get the image
from here:
We are running on Mountain lion, with the latest version of plantUML and graphviz
2.31.x. There is no 2.28 for mountain lion, hence we run on a newer version.
Anybody knows what the issue is?


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answered Feb 8, 2013 by plantuml (264,940 points)

We have just made some test with graphviz 2.30.x under Windows, and we have the same issue.

This is caused by some modification made by graphviz in the generated SVG file: hopefully, this is easy to correct (let's say next week).
The issue appears only with rounded rectangle, so you can use class diagram/component diagram/usecase diagram.

There is another issue : in some case, graphviz 2.30.x seems to remove some label on link. It looks like a bug, not sure about this.
You should (temporary) avoid to put labels on links.

In the future, this means that some label may not appear with PlantUML on link : but at least it will not crash like today.
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answered Feb 11, 2013 by plantuml (264,940 points)
Version 7956 is working better with graphivz 2.30/2.31 (no crash anymore), although some label may sometimes not be printed.

Very few tests have been done, so any feeback on this subject is welcome.

commented Feb 11, 2013 by anonymous
Indeed it works. Thank you very much for your quick fix!!


commented Feb 15, 2013 by plantuml (264,940 points)
BTW, the bug about label print may have been solved in GraphViz. See