Example: Running plantuml in ipython notebook

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asked Oct 26, 2014 in To be sorted by sberke (160 points)
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Sharing an implementation of creating inline plantuml diagrams in ipython notebook I published with help from a discussion on stack overflow.  Can the 'running' page be updated to include this example?





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answered Oct 26, 2014 by plantuml (295,000 points)
Thanks for your contribution!

We have updated the 'running' page with your link. Hope that you like it!

commented Nov 1, 2014 by sberke (160 points)
Nice.   Thank you.
1) I didn't see the "running" link propagated to plantumls Mirror 2.  
2) ipython notebook & ipython magics files are now in github as repo (link in original post has been updated).  Original gist links are deprecated but still available.