loop bottom border encloses trailing deactivate

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asked Jan 6, 2015 in Bug by ark (140 points)

In my UML I have a sub-activation that opens and closes outside a loop.

activate DS
loop for each event
'do stuff
deactivate DS
However, the deactivation is drawn *inside* the loop and not outside as instructed.
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actor SourceOp <<Operator>>
actor INotify <<FileSystem>>
database "Source Folder" as SoF
box "Source Endpoint"
    boundary "File Events" as FE
    participant "Data Service" as DS
    participant "File Data\nMessage" as FD
end box
box "Sink Endpoint"
    participant "Data Client" as DC
end box
database "Sink Folder" as SiF
activate DS
activate DC
SourceOp -> DS : tell location of SourceFolder
FE <- DS : start on SourceFolder
activate FE
INotify <- FE : register to changes in SourceFolder
FE <- DS : poll for events
FE --> DS : set of events
activate DS
    loop for each event
    create FD
    DS -> FD : create from event
    activate FD
        FD -> SoF : content
        FD <-- SoF
        FD -> FD : path offset\nrelative to\nSourceFolder
        DS <-- FD
        DS -> DC : {FileData}
        destroy FD
    DC -> SiF : create file\nfrom {FileData}
deactivate DS


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answered Jan 14, 2015 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Jan 14, 2015 by ark
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Thanks for the report : this has been fixed in the last beta


commented Jan 14, 2015 by ark (140 points)
Good to see that the online server is updated, too