Grouping of chosen participants in sequence diagrams

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asked Oct 24, 2016 in Wanted features by fistach (120 points)
It would be very nice if I could define a group of participants in the sequence diagram, so then only this new group participant is shown in the sequence instead of its members.
commented Jan 4, 2017 by drhuh (100 points)
I also want to group a number of participants, or better to say, show that there is more than one participant. I have a listener who receives results. Depending on the type of the result different handlers are called. They all support the same interface, the function calls are always the same. I just want to mark that there is "more than one" participant, maybe by a different shape of the box around the participant's name.
commented May 18, 2018 by tim.rohrer (120 points)
I just searched for this ability too.

In my case, I have an entity that is outside of the flow of my main app. It is kind of like nodeJS middleware I suppose. In any case, I was looking for a way to draw a box around all the participants except this last one.

Not a real biggie, just a nice to have.

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answered Oct 25, 2016 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Could you give a concrete example ?

We are not sure to understand the need.

commented Dec 15, 2016 by fistach (120 points)
If I have a sequence diagram with many participants, I'd like to have an option to define a group containing some of them, so then only one participant is shown - the group.
This way some parts of communication could be easily hidden, if such details are not needed. For example if the participants are java classes from different packages I could create two groups (and name them like the packages), put the classes to proper group, and then have a higher-level diagram with packages communication only. By removing the groups definitions, I could get the detailed class communications diagram.