Layout problems output TEOZ engine?

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asked Sep 1, 2015 in To be sorted by PeterBakker (280 points)

When I'm using the TEOZ engine the text is beneath the actor symbol and there is no space between the participants boxes. Is that a known issue?

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commented Sep 2, 2015 by PeterBakker (280 points)
I discovered that the problems are related to the "skinparam shadowing false" setting. This setting causes also some layout issues with the Segoe fonts I like to use (issues I noticed with the normal engine)
commented Sep 4, 2015 by plantuml (291,180 points)
Could you post here a simple & short example that shows the issue ?
commented Sep 4, 2015 by PeterBakker (280 points)
If you use the following code you can see that there will be no space between the participant boxes:

!pragma teoz true
'skinparam handwritten true
skinparam shadowing false

(I first thought it was an issue with the handwritten option but that's not the case)

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answered Apr 25 by The-Lu (57,460 points)

[Just to answer an old question]

FYI, it seems now OK (tested en V1.2023.6):

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