two Association Classes on one relation

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asked Dec 16, 2015 in Bug by valexiev (1,200 points)
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Take a look a this diagram. There are two Assoc Classes on the relation at the bottom (P14). But it's rendered as 2 relations (badly twisted because the label comes between them) and one doesn't have an arrowhead.

Is it possible to improve the layout, so that two Association Classes don't split the relation into 2 parallel lines?

commented Mar 19, 2016 by valexiev (1,200 points)
Any chance this can get fixed?
commented Aug 17, 2018 by mhaaz (200 points)
You might want to fix the link. At the moment, it is not loading your example diagram properly.
commented Aug 20, 2018 by valexiev (1,200 points)
Thanks for the notification! I fixed the link in the description above

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answered Jun 14 by xiaoqi (260 points)
Any fix on this?

The simple question like here:

Code as:


class Class01
class Class02
Class01 -- Class02
(Class01, Class02) .. AssocCls1

Class01 -- Class02
(Class01, Class02) .. AssocCls2


Can these two relations from Class01 to Class02 can be merged into one base on the meaning?

commented Jun 14 by xiaoqi (260 points)
One workaround for me now is to grouped those "AssocCls" into one Package or any group, then associate into the group / package level to the relation.