Is GraphViz required or used if embedding plantuml into java application?

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One thing that I find confusing is figuring out exactly what purpose GraphViz fulfills.  If I'm embedding plantuml into a java application and just generating png images on the fly to view in a window (or save to disk), does GraphViz even come into the picture (I didn't even plan that pun)?

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answered Feb 3, 2016 by plantuml (292,220 points)
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If you are using Sequence Diagram or Activity Diagram beta, GraphViz is not used at all : the implementation is 100% Java.

For other diagrams (class, component, usecase, legacy activity, state, deployment), GraphViz is used.
Even in your example (embedded PlantUML into a Java application), if you generate a PNG image, GraphViz is launch behind the scene to
compute the position of elements and edges (Java allows to launch native processes - this is completely transparent).

We understand that for a 100% Java application, this dependency to a native process is a real drawback.
Graphviz is doing a great job, and we did not find any equivalent in Java and Open Source.

However, we are working to translate GraphViz to Java (see ) to remove this
dependency on GraphViz and to have a 100% PlantUML implementation.

Very recently, we had some first success on this side (we will publish a news about this).
But a lot of works remain to be done, so do not expect any change on the short term.

Hope that it more clear for you.