How to destroy a participant?

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asked Jun 5, 2018 in Question / help by anonymous
Hello.  Thanks for this wonderful tool that is easy to use!  Anyways, I have a question:

In a sequence diagram, we can 'create' a participant so that its first appearance is not at the top of the diagram, but at the moment of creation.  Now is there a way to destroy a participant so that it disappears at the moment of destruction?  I would like to show that a temporary helper class/instance is created and after a certain time destroyed.  The create command allows me to the former, but I can't find the latter.  I plan to show  a create/destroy pair twice in a sequence diagram.

is there such a way?  Thanks.

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answered Jun 8, 2018 by mgrol (2,760 points)


I assume this is what you want:

Bob -> Alice : hello
create dummy
Alice -> dummy
Alice <-- dummy
destroy dummy
Bob <- Alice
Cesar -> Cleo
create dummy
Cleo -> dummy
Cleo <-- dummy
destroy dummy
Cesar <-- Cleo

This can be easily found here, just search for "create" or "destroy"