[gantt] is there a way to put different milesteine on the same line?

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asked Jul 3, 2018 in Wanted features by noname
edited Jul 3, 2018

Hi, is there a way to displace different items on the same row of the graph ? 

[r11] happens on   2018-08-30

[r12] happens on   2018-09-30

[r11] displays on same row as [r12]

As default [r11] and [r12] are placed on different lines ([r12] under [r11]) but I would like to have them on the same line ... 

With graphviz would be something like:

{ rank = same; [r11]; [r12] }

Thanks a lot!

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answered May 24, 2019 by emu (220 points)
Any chance to implement this? Would be very useful for milestones ...