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asked Jul 12, 2018 in Wanted features by Sebastian

It would be very useful if PlantUML supported a special kind of link that can adapt depending on whether it is in the PlantUML source code or in a rendered diagram.

This way we could use links between diagram definitions in the source (e.g. pointing at resources with a ".plantuml" suffix) and when the diagrams are rendered, they would then mimic  the original links but point to other rendered diagrams instead.


  • Diagram A: Context diagram with a component in the middle that contains a link to an overview diagram: [[../components/comp_overview.plantuml MySystem]]
  • Diagram B: Component breakdown of the system where each component contains links to a class diagram for that component [[../class/cl_csv_exporter.plantuml CsvExporter]]

When rendered to SVGs, the links break because the result will contain a structure of SVG files. On a developer machine it is convenient to have links between the sources (e.g. when using the Eclipse PlantUML plugin with its preview function). Links between the rendered images are what counts in the end though.

I am thinking of a switch that enables replacing the suffix part of the link definitions by the suffix for the chosen output format.

plantuml -t svg --replace-link-suffix plantuml

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