"hide footbox" not recognized in timing diagrams

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asked Aug 17, 2018 in Bug by anonymous
When placing "hide footbox" at the beginning of a timing diagram, a syntax error is reported.

This "hide footbox" is common to all our diagrams (plantuml.cfg file).

commented Aug 17, 2018 by albert (3,120 points)
Can you show a small example and also the version of plantuml you are using?
commented Sep 24, 2018 by René (100 points)
edited Sep 26, 2018 by René
We have a similar problem with 'hide footbox' in the global config file; the syntax error is not related to the config file though, you can place 'hide footbox' directly in the diagram and will get the syntax error:


hide footbox

robust "bla" as bla


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answered Nov 22, 2018 by plantuml (257,860 points)
Thanks to https://github.com/plantuml/plantuml/pull/151 this has been fixed in last beta


Tell us if it's what you were expecting.