White backgrounds are rendered transparent in SVG

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asked Oct 10, 2018 in Bug by Rob Oxspring

The following diagram, but using red, correctly renders with a red background in both PNG and SVG formats. Similarly, the same diagram using transparent correctly creates semi-transparent PNGs and SVGs without a background. But when the background color is white (or unspecified) it appears that PNGs get a white background as expected, but SVGs are left with no background set and are therefore transparent.

skinparam backgroundColor white
rectangle "White Background"

1 Answer

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answered Nov 5, 2019 by GitNick (160 points)
Found the same to be true. Looking at the SVG output, the background style property is distinctly absent. My only workaround right now is to use an off-white, like `#fefefe`
commented Feb 18, 2020 by leila (100 points)
Ditto. I'm using off white as a workaround as suggested, but this isn't ideal.