Why do these lines works separately but not together???

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asked Dec 31, 2018 in Bug by bx

The lines below each render separately, but not together. Here is the error.

allow_mixing does not help. 

Any idea what the problem is and how I might be able to render them in the same diagram? 

Apparently if I removed the link from the second line it works, but not sure why that should make the difference. 

Any help is much appreciated. 

Thank you!


/'''ICONFORA414'''/(<img:imgs/Contract.png>\n--\n<size:10><b>Developer Rights) as A414 [[https://mydomain.com/items/414 {All of Rights.}]]

CN4570-[#green,dashed]up->CN7524 [[https://mydomain.com/items/3]] : <size:10><color:green>Distribution of Rights


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answered Jan 4, 2019 by Rob Oxspring

Each by themselves, the first line generates a Use Case diagram and the second generates a Class diagram. If you drop the [[https://mydomain.com/items/3]] then the combination both render as a Use Case diagram, with CN4570 and CN7524 rendered as actors rather than classes.

So it would appear that links within Class diagrams support hyperlinks but within Use Case diagrams don't. Looking at the code it appears that the URL element might be unique to Class diagrams and so perhaps this question becomes a request to roll that support out to links in other diagrams.

commented Jan 8, 2019 by bx
Thanks for the analysis and explanation!

Perhaps you can recommend a workaround? My goal is basically to have the lines themselves as links, which I see can be done in Class diagrams. Do you know if they can be done in other types of diagrams?

Also, why would allow_mixing not allow me to use both types of diagrams?

Also, how are you able to tell what kind of diagram is being rendered? By syntax alone or is there another way as well?

Thank you!!