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asked Jan 3, 2019 in Question / help by anonime_beginner
Can I send POST request from Java app to PlantUML server?

I know that the URL is "" (yes, I want a very large diagram in SVG format).

I have used this URL to send a GET request and it worked perfectly, now that the diagram is bigger I receive the HTTP code: 400.

If this question was already asked, please send me the link to the solution.

Thank you!

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answered Jan 3, 2019 by Rob Oxspring
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Yes, you can POST raw diagrams to PlantUML Server:

But you'll have to run your own server since the public installation only supports GET, presumably they don't want to support super large diagrams.

Incidentally if you're only a little over the limit then running a private server will also allow you to set the PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE to allow bigger diagrams even with GET.