2 different diagram types on the same image?

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asked Jan 29 in Question / help by junkw (180 points)

I use the jetbains plantuml plugin

Works great to have many diagrams on the same generated image.

Each diagram is separated from the previous with a "newpage" tag

However plantuml seems to assume all the diagrams to be of the same kind.

example it works if all diagrams are usecase diagrams.

it doesnt render the right way if example a usecase diagram follows a state diagram

A way to fix that would be to be able to specify the type of diagram to render on a specific page



title "my usecase"

(blabla) -- (blabla2)

newpage state_diagram <--------- specify the type of diagram to render

title "my state diagram"

[*] -- state1
commented Jan 29 by albert (2,540 points)
Maybe allow_mixing is what you are looking for. Please  search the site for some examples.

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