why my nodes composed not link correctly ?

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asked Mar 5 in Question / help by Powyan

Hi, I've started to use plant uml 1 week ago and I have a problem with the link between 2 nodes composed and it's very embarrassing, I hava search all around the internet but, no answer... 

Here is my code :

skinparam dpi 300
scale 1.5

node "I" as i
node "G" as g
node "A" as a
node "C" as c

node "Tab" as tab{
    [S] as s

node "Ras" as ras{
    [R] as r

ras -l- i : USB
ras .r. tab : \r Wi-Fi

g -d- ras : \r      GPIO
g -r- a
r -d- c : \r TBD
g -d- i


and here is the result, why the link didn't start from the left for "I" or from the right for "tab" ?


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answered Mar 5 by plantuml (201,140 points)