Full support for Créole in tootltip

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asked May 6 in Bug by ggmimi (200 points)


I would like to display bold or italic text in tooltip text but it is not possible :

cf. https://plantuml.com/fr/creole

Could you please tell if there are other restriction of creole usage in tooltip text ?

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commented May 6 by Serge Wenger Work (12,740 points)
Please always provide a small example to reproduce. What is the type of diagram?
commented May 6 by ggmimi (200 points)

Here is an example describing my interrogation in activity diagram.

Same behavior in all other diagram I tried (class...) :


[[http://bla.com{**bla**\n__ipsus__\n//lorem//} bla]];



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answered May 14 by The-Lu (2,580 points)

Hello G.,

I think that is not due to limitation of PlantUML, but more (for png or svg output) to limitation of tooltip itself: managed by title and/or xlink:title in cmap (with <area> tag) and xml link (with <a> tag).

A first step will be perhaps to add Unicode and/or entities management on tooltip: I will ask this kind of wanted features.

If that can help,