Full support for Créole in tootltip

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asked May 6, 2020 in Bug by ggmimi (220 points)


I would like to display bold or italic text in tooltip text but it is not possible :

cf. https://plantuml.com/fr/creole

Could you please tell if there are other restriction of creole usage in tooltip text ?

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commented May 6, 2020 by Serge Wenger Work (14,600 points)
Please always provide a small example to reproduce. What is the type of diagram?
commented May 6, 2020 by ggmimi (220 points)

Here is an example describing my interrogation in activity diagram.

Same behavior in all other diagram I tried (class...) :


[[http://bla.com{**bla**\n__ipsus__\n//lorem//} bla]];



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answered May 14, 2020 by The-Lu (49,760 points)

Hello G.,

I think that is not due to limitation of PlantUML, but more (for png or svg output) to limitation of tooltip itself: managed by title and/or xlink:title in cmap (with <area> tag) and xml link (with <a> tag).

A first step will be perhaps to add Unicode and/or entities management on tooltip: I will ask this kind of wanted features.

If that can help,