Superscripts position changes using different resolutions

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asked May 11 in Question / help by Astonfe

Version 1.2020.8 is ok. In version 1.2020.9 the superscripts position vary a lot by the skinparam dpi. In the following example, using or not using dpi 300 make the difference. Example: using dpi 300, the superscript "2" is almost completely overlapped to the letter "r". (Note that the legend works only on the top because on the bottom is ovelapped to the diagram).

skinparam {
    'dpi 300
    legendfontsize 12
    shadowing false
    titlefontsize 12

+ Qwerty
++ Asdfgh<sup>1</sup>
+++ Poiuytr<sup>2</sup>
+++ Mnbvcx<sup>3</sup>
+++ Kjhgtr<sup>4</sup>
++ Zxcvbn<sup>1</sup>
+++ Lkjhgf
+++ Cftred<sup>3</sup>
+++ Sderfg<sup>5</sup>

title Title

legend top
<sup>1</sup> Kietwgd.
<sup>2</sup> Kagetft.
<sup>3</sup> Nastedy.
<sup>4</sup> Paetrg.
<sup>5</sup> Hwywtw.

commented May 12 by Astonfe

Superscripts as <sup></sup> no longer works correctly even if using scale instead of dpi. Subscripts are ok.

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answered May 22 by plantuml (232,640 points)
Thanks for the report.

This should be fixed now.
commented May 22 by Astonfe
Perfect! It works.