Timing diagram for dates overlapping year end, following year stops working properly

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asked May 11, 2020 in Bug by max_allan (120 points)

Hi, I want to show the release dates/versions of various bits of software. We started late last year, so very quickly we are in "this" year.

Firstly, it shows a box around "last year" with some grey "levels" that aren't needed (nor is the box). But then every transition beyond the end of 2019 isn't shown. The value of the state at the time is shown, but no X where the states flip. I tried adding some labels and arrows and they all work. But not the state changes.

Also, I think it is trying to be clever and because I'm using specific days, the normal factoring doesn't work and I need to specify a scale. (eg if I use 100,200,300 it factors it down to 1,2,3. But if I use 100,200,299,300 suddenly my diagram is incredibly wide because it makes each scale tick mark be 1 not 100. I think I'm getting a similar issue with the date differences being weird numbers of days)

Any suggestions on how I could improve it?

concise "Date" as date
concise "Keycloak" as kc
concise "istio" as is
concise "EKS" as eks
scale 10000 as 1 pixels
hide time-axis

2019/09/01 is September
2019/10/01 is October
2019/11/01 is November
2019/12/01 is December
2020/01/01 is January
2020/02/01 is February
2020/03/01 is March
2020/04/01 is April
2020/05/01 is May
2020/06/01 is June

2019/09/03 is 1.14.0
2020/03/10 is 1.15.0 
2020/04/30 is 1.16.0 
@2020/03/10 <-> @2020/04/30 : 1.15.0

2019/10/16 is 7.0.1
2019/11/15 is 8.0.0 : upgrade
2020/02/16 is {-}
2020/02/17 is 9.0.0 
2020/04/30 is {hidden}
2020/05/01 is 10.0.0 

2019/09/27 is 1.3.1
2019/11/14 is 1.4.0
2020/03/05 is 1.5.0


commented Aug 13, 2020 by awschult (360 points)
would this be better suited as a Gantt chart?

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answered Oct 6, 2021 by The-Lu (60,440 points)

Hello M.,

Without scale, we now observe:

It seems good? Nor?