Could we have an Error report on one line (report any syntax error on one line)?

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asked Jul 2 in Wanted features by The-Lu (5,860 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

- Could you add, in error cases, on the output, separate by ‘:’ (like on gcc or grep output), but on one line?

  • file name
  • line number (lineNumber)
  • error (status) [on lowercase]
  • and explanation of the error (label)


<file name>:<lineNumber>:<status>: <label>

[In order to improve the User Experience and easy integration with all the standard editors, but without make a big change, in order to avoid conflict with all the wrapper or plugin.]

For example, adding this new line, after the current standard report:

java -jar plantuml.jar -stdrpt foo.txt
label=Syntax Error?
Error line 2 in file: foo.txt
foo.txt:2:error: Syntax Error?
Some diagram description contains errors

or adding a new standard report:

foo.txt:2:error: Syntax Error?
Some diagram description contains errors

Thanks for yours works,

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answered Jul 3 by plantuml (226,800 points)

Thanks for the idea !

With last beta you can now use the following flags:

  • -stdrpt
  • -stdrpt:1
  • -stdrpt:2 
This has not been widely tested, so any feedback is welcome :-)
commented Jul 4 by The-Lu (5,860 points)


Sorry, but the last beta seems to be corrupt!

java -jar plantuml.jar -h
Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile plantuml.jar

See also the size on the beta server:

plantuml.jar2020-07-03 17:125.2M

I can wait the stable version and the v1.2020.16!


commented Jul 4 by plantuml (226,800 points)
Sorry about that !

We've just updated

It should be fine now
commented Jul 4 by The-Lu (5,860 points)

Hello Plantuml,

That's good with standard editors...

But the lineNumber is not good...

  • Could you change lineNumber to lineNumber + 1 !

See also defect:

Here are two examples in order to test:

1/ from /9835

participant "Famous Bob" aass Bob << Generated >>
→ Link to PlantUML server

2/ minimal test with syntax error (intentional forgetfulness of final semicolon):

:1+$a 'Syntax Error: line 3

→ Link to PlantUML server

If that can help in order to test,
Thanks for your works,