Showing something as disabled with e.g. opacity 0.8?

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asked Sep 11 in Question / help by anonymous

Is it somehow possible to show something as disabled by showing it with opacity? E.g. something like ClassOpacity 0.8? Or is it possible to visualize something as removed some other way in a diagram?


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answered Sep 11 by The-Lu (8,340 points)
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Hello A.,

  • In which kind of diagram will you use this feature?
For example, you can use opacity, with adding after the Red-Green-Blue value the Alpha or Opacity value [from '00' transparent to 'FF' full opaque color; with no value, the default value is 'FF'], as RGBa or #RRGGBBaa; here is an example for component or deployement, where 'c1-nominal' is normal green and 'c2-backup' or 'c3' are marked disabled with '51' of green opacity:
node n #pink {
[c3] #00ff0051
[c2-backup]  as c2 #00ff0051
[c1-nominal] as c1 #00ff00
cloud c
c1 --> c
c2 ..>c

This is a new feature of spring 2020 (see V1.2020.12 (6 Jun, 2020)); see also:
If that can help,