Color inheritance in wbs

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asked Jan 12, 2021 in Bug by nvierge (120 points)

In the following case there are two pink tasks. I think this is a bug.

*[#SkyBlue] Root
**[#pink] I am pink
*** Am i pink ?
** Hello
***[#LightSteelBlue] I am blue
**** Thank you


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answered Apr 16, 2021 by The-Lu (37,880 points)

Hello N. and A.,

FYI, that is corrected on last release V1.2021.4 (4 Apr, 2021).

Thank to PlantUML team,

commented Apr 16, 2021 by nvierge (120 points)
Thank you Th. for the information.

And thank you to PlantUML team !