Adding a Note below a milestone in Gantt

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asked Feb 19, 2021 in Wanted features by O
recategorized Feb 19, 2021
It seems like in a gantt chart, when I put a note below an event with a start and end date, the note appears fine.

But if I want to add a note below a milestone ("happens ...")  it doesn't show up...

Is that expected behavior?


printscale daily
project starts 2020/01/15
[something] happens 2020/02/01
[something else] happens 2020/02/14
[something else] displays on same row as [something]
note bottom
    This is a description of "Something else"
end note
[stuff] starts 2020/01/15
[stuff] ends 2020/01/30
note bottom
    This is a note on the "stuff" phase
end note

Only shows a note below "stuff" but not below "something else"
commented Feb 19, 2021 by The-Lu (63,000 points)

Hello O.,

In fact, currently, note on Gantt diagram is only on task, see initial request:

Your question is therefore a request for wanted feature:

  • Ability to adding a Note below a milestone in Gantt.

With minimal examples:

1/ With date

project starts 2020/02/01
[Milestone] happens 2020/02/05
note bottom
    This is a description of "Milestone"
end note

2/ Without date

[Test prototype] lasts 7 days
[Milestone] happens at [Test prototype]'s end
note bottom
    This is a description of "Milestone"
end note

If that can help,

commented Feb 19, 2021 by O
Thanks - changed the question to a wanted feature.
commented Mar 17, 2023 by systemsincode (180 points)
Very often I want to add more detail for an event - currently I can't do it and have to nest the comment on the next task...

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